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Launched in 2020 as a tool for creating interactive flows, today Heyflow offers the most comprehensive no-code platform to rapidly increase web conversions, giving superpowers to anyone generating leads and converting those into customers.

Conversions on autopilot

Heyflow is the first solution to combine workflows, web pages, integrations, analytics and optimization into a single, comprehensive no-code platform. Today, over 2,000 brands, from Fortune 500 companies to agencies and scale-ups, convert their website visitors more effectively with Heyflow.







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How it all started

When working at the healthcare recruitment platform Medwing, Amir needed a solution that would convert website traffic into leads and applications – significantly more than any contact form or landing page ever could. The solution was an interactive and intuitive experience, well-designed, results-oriented and simple: a “flow” users could click through, question by question – and it worked.

“But it was costly – to build, to run, and to iterate,” he shared with his friend from university, Dustin. They thought, it would be game-changing if instead of depending on expensive designers and engineers to develop it, everyone could create a flow that people love engaging with – in a tool that’s drag-and-drop-simple. The idea of a no-code flow solution was born.

In 2020, they founded Niro (which later became Heyflow), hired the first employees, and acquired their first customers. What started with two friends following a hunch has grown into a team of more than 50 people serving customers in over 60 countries, rapidly growing.

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Loved by employees and customers alike

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How we work

At Heyflow, we value each other more than anything, because behind every great product is a great team. The basis for our success is a relationship shaped by unwavering trust, respect and kindness towards each other.

We believe in a collaborative culture where every single one contributes their part to making Heyflow the best place to work at. We celebrate our differences and diversity while all moving towards one common goal and sharing one common vision.

The three pillars of Heyflow


Our engineers and product designers are the ones who brought our product to life, so users can easily create and design flows. And thanks to our Data team, we can make informed decisions. From building new features to improving the UI, to generating valuable insights, our Product folks ensure a seamless user experience, constantly improving our product.

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Commercial Growth

Our Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams are the storytellers, Heyflow’s growth engine, the advocates for our customers, and so much more.

Their relentless passion for bringing our product to even more audiences and making our customers happy is a driving force to Heyflow’s success.

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Finance & People

No company can function without strong Finance and People departments. Our Finance and People heroes play a vital role in ensuring that our business numbers are in the green and our employees are happy and supported.
Together, they form the backbone that sustains Heyflow's growth and unique culture.

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What makes Heyflow so unique is that people really take care of each other and everybody is looking out for each other. It’s not every man for himself, it really is a team.

Courtney Pullen

Courtney Pullen

Sales & Account Manager