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Blog Teaser: A Guide to Ad Campaigns

A guide to digital advertising campaigns – platforms, duration and budget

Learn the essentials of digital advertising campaigns, from selecting appropriate channels and platforms, to understanding what to consider when running them, and explore best practices for an effective campaign setup.

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Teaser Jotform Alternatives

5 Jotform alternatives to maximize your form-building game

Explore five great alternatives to Jotform that can help you create engaging online forms and find the solution that suits your specific needs.

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Title image: The best landing page builders for 2024

The best landing page builders for 2024: free and paid options

Learn what landing page builders are, why it makes sense to use one, how to pick one that’s right for you, and explore our recommendations for both free and paid options.

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Helpcheck Article Teaser

From bottleneck to breakthrough: How helpcheck mastered marketing efficiency

Find out how Heyflow enabled helpcheck to unblock their IT team and empower their Marketing team to optimize their efforts efficiently.

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blog teaser Form Builder

A guide to form builders and how to unlock their lead generation potential

Discover what form builders are, why you should use one, how you can take advantage of them to generate more leads, and what factors to consider when selecting one.

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Blog teaser Funnel Builder Software

A complete guide to all things funnel builder software

Discover what funnel builder software is, its significance for your business, and the factors to consider when choosing one, plus our top three funnel builder recommendations.

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Blurred image of a person on a laptop, saying "Interactive Forms"

Everything you need to know about interactive forms

Learn what interactive forms are, why they matter and how you can use them to maximize visitor engagement and collect better data on your website.

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A stylized image of a graph, saying Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximizing your leads through conversion rate optimization

Learn what CRO is, what influences your conversion rate, and how you can use CRO to enhance your lead generation

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blog teaser: interactive landing pages

Interactive landing pages: How to build them, why they’re important, and examples

Learn what interactive landing pages are, how they can help your business, how you can easily create one yourself, and explore our examples of well-executed interactive landing pages.

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A laptop showing multiple questions on a form or survey

Multi-step vs single-step forms: which should you choose and why

Discover the key distinctions between multi-step and single-step forms, explore their practical applications, and determine the ideal choice for your needs.

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A laptop screen showing an interactive flow, saying 7 things to A/B test in your flow

7 things you can test in your flow with our new A/B testing feature

Discover how to enhance your flow performance with these 7 A/B testing ideas using our new feature, and optimize your flows for better results.

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A title image with law symbols for the case study of Heyflow's customer RightNow

How a legal tech company stays on top of a fast-paced market with Heyflow

Read how RightNow uses Heyflow to capitalize on emerging use cases and simplifies their claim review process.

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A website form with a text saying modern website form design

A complete guide to modern website form design (with examples)

Create interactive flows, multi-step forms, lead funnels and customized landing pages that drive conversions and engage your website visitors — without writing any code.

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Male hands holding pens over a paper block and two laptops with a text saying what are multi-step forms

The ultimate multi-step forms guide (with examples)

Create interactive flows, multi-step forms, lead funnels and customized landing pages that drive conversions and engage your website visitors — without writing any code.

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A man's feet in front of a door mat and words saying foot-in-the-door technique.

Things marketers need to know: The foot-in-the-door technique

Learn what the foot-in-the-door technique is, what makes it so effective and how you can leverage it for your own marketing campaigns.

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Heyflow screenshot - home security question about alarms

How Lemonade improved their customer experience to get more leads through 6 simple tricks

6 tricks that the insurance giant used on their website to generate more leads and improve customer experience.

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Heyflow team members and a greyhound standing  outside casually

We raised a seed round: A good time to join Heyflow

We have raised a $6 million seed round led by Project A Ventures, with participation of our previous backers as well as several angel investors.

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A funnel full of generic people on top and three happy persons at the bottom

A practical guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

There are lots of guides on CRO. This is a practical one which guides you through the process of actually doing it.

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Heyflow mobile screenshot and text saying build interactive flows and convert more traffic with free trial button

Goodbye Niro, Hello Heyflow

Niro is now Heyflow. Apart from the name, logo and domains, not much is changing. You don't have to do anything and everything will work as before.

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Niro screenshot - job application, position list

Streamline your recruitment process

Using tools like Heyflow can serve to make recruitment more efficient and scalable without having to write a single line of code.

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