7 Lead generation strategies for the modern marketer

A business without generating leads is like a plant without soil: without the essential foundation to thrive, growth becomes impossible. That’s why having a lead generation strategy is vital.

In this article, we will give you a better idea of the importance of creating a powerful lead strategy, then offer up seven unique tips to help you achieve success.

Why create a lead generation strategy?

A lead generation strategy is a blueprint to best secure new potential leads through your current and planned marketing activities. It is generally a well-thought out, efficiently-constructed plan to maximize success in getting high-quality leads.

What makes a good lead generation strategy so valuable? Here are some of the most important benefits that result from an effective strategy.

Helps obtain the highest quality leads

Every company has a specific lead target in mind when starting a new campaign. A lead generation strategy ensures that those exact leads are targeted, through the right type of web pages, advertisements, and other factors decided on by a planned strategy.

Helps refine understanding of your leads’ typical characteristics

When finding interested people to sell our products or services to, where we start is usually different from where we finish. By having a data review stage in your strategy, you can refine the details of your target audience every so often.

7 best practices to consider

1. Implement effective lead generation platform

The right tools can push your lead generation efforts beyond what is imaginable, by taking your vision and accelerating it drastically. But what kind of tool would ensure your specific lead generation strategy is optimized? Consider Heyflow, a tool specifically designed to help companies gather high-quality leads.

How does Heyflow help teams get leads?

  • Allows users to build interactive flows. A multi-step, interactive flow gives users a better experience and keeps them engaged when using a signup form.

  • Has an effective landing page builder. Heyflow’s landing page builder gives marketers a way to create a webpage that engages customers and prospects, without the technical knowledge typically required.

  • Designed to maximize leads. Heyflow’s features and templates are designed specifically to increase conversion rates on your website and drive leads.

  • Reduces time spent creating and launching marketing campaigns. To start connecting with potential customers, you need to have an adequate page for them to find you. The right lead generation tool will ensure a faster start to each new advertising process.

  • Maximizes customer data analysis. Tools like Heyflow help you segment new leads by offering up cutting edge technology to analyze customer information.

Whether you use Heyflow or another tool on the market, be sure that it is a comprehensive lead generation system that is proven to help you bring in the right leads.

*Also note that Heyflow, fortunately, helps you fulfill many of the best practice tips that follow!

2. Consider multi-step forms

It’s not always easy to get a potential customer to sign up for something you’re offering, even if they would greatly benefit. Part of the reason lies in the presentation of your signup forms.

If you’ve ever encountered a single-step form, like the one pictured above, it’s easy to see why people avoid them: they’re daunting. The form fill becomes a chore for the user. There is a better way.

Multi-step forms turn the signup process on its head, enticing website visitors and people seeing an advertisement to become leads. This is because a multi-step form breaks down the form fill process into different, less extensive parts, while creating a more personalized experience in real time.

3. Get creative with content

Writing a company blog post, while informing current customers of new announcements, has the added benefit of bringing new customers to your business. But, and this is a big qualifier, only if the blog post is written to stand out and offers some kind of value to the reader. Pumping out mindless, run-of-the-mill content won’t do much to move the needle. 

By crafting valuable blog posts and other content with your unique brand voice and flair, you encourage website visitors to share on social media, sign up for your newsletter, and take other actions that bring in new leads.

4. Zero in on the right places to find new leads

In general, we have a good sense of the types of people who might be interested in purchasing our product or service. But now that you’ve identified the right demographics, you’ve got to be accurate in connecting with them at the right place.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to strategize the best ways to go about gathering new leads, whether it be by running search engine ads, social media campaigns, revamping a blog, or finding the type of keywords your customers might search for.

5. Use data efficiently

Analysis of all lead-specific information can change the way your company converts in the long run. To make the most of your data, implement a detail-oriented method to capture and review important information. This ensures you have a clear picture of your target demographics and behaviors. By understanding patterns and trends, you can refine your marketing strategies and optimize your lead generation efforts.

6. Don’t sell your landing pages short

Visitors on a landing page are at a crucial point in a buyer’s journey, and they’re in need of a nudge in the right direction. If your landing page doesn’t click with them, they might head for the exit.

Consider the following tips to ensure your landing page is up to standards:

  • Keep page elements on-brand

  • Write crisp copy

  • Add interactive forms

  • Have a helpful CTA

  • Use an effective landing page builder

7. Revamp your remarketing

Remarketing is a strategy that involves marketing to consumers based on how they’ve previously connected with a company and any traits or behaviors they displayed in those interactions.

The goal is to remarket to these users in a different place at a later time, in order to remind them of the product or service they initially saw.

In order to see success, your remarketing efforts should be tweaked for efficiency, ensuring that the right users are marketed to in the right place and in the right manner.

Closing thoughts

Lead generation is a never ending journey, and your strategy should reflect that. Be sure to implement new, effective ideas into your lead generation processes in order to maximize your results. Using a complete, all-in-one lead generation platform like Heyflow can help you achieve that. Try it for free today