How Book More Showings increased lead conversion rates for their real estate agency clients


Book More Showings is a lead generation agency and coaching service helping real estate agents in Canada close more deals. They are also a licensed partner of eXp Realty, the largest real estate brokerage in North America.

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In the competitive real estate market, founder and managing partner William was looking for ways to increase lead conversion rates, reduce cost per lead, and improve lead quality for his clients.

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Interactive lead forms created with Heyflow incl. smart features that reduce the fill-out time on prospects’ side.

Easy lead funnel duplication from one client to the next one allows for better scalability.

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How Book More Showings started

Book More Showings started out as a lead generation agency, founded by William and his partner Sagar, and specializes in the real estate industry. It all started when William realized there’s a big gap in the market: many real estate agents lacked the skills and knowledge to generate leads and build funnels. Motivated by this, he and Sagar launched their agency with the mission to help all these real estate agents – as the company name suggests – book more showings. 

William's approach quickly gained traction. Increasing numbers of real estate agents reached out, not only seeking his service for creating lead funnels for them, but also expressed a keen interest in learning his techniques. Responding to this demand, Book More Showings expanded its offerings by launching an online course, in which William does a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create lead funnels with Heyflow, enabling real estate agents to manage their lead generation autonomously.

To date, Book More Showings has already helped over 100 real estate agents and guided many newcomers from being brand-new agents to closing their first deal in under 70 days. Their clients include some of the largest real estate agencies in North America, such as eXp Realty, RE/MAX and New Realty.

Mastering lead generation

Lead gen has always been at the core of William’s career. Before specializing in real estate, William generated leads for a car loans provider. However, it was only when he founded his own business and started having his own clients, handling their lead generation, that he felt a new sense of responsibility. This drive pushed him to seek new ways to generate more leads for his clients, decrease the cost per lead and increase lead quality: 

“I realized that if I'm doing this for a lot of people now, my clients really deserve the absolute best, not just the strategy that I know already works,” he reflects. “I thought, ‘What if I can find a better solution? Even if it’s a conversion rate improvement of just 3 or 4%, my customers deserve that’.” 

The question was: how exactly could this better solution look? Previously William was creating his lead forms and funnels with the help of a developer. “My old tool that I had used was actually something that I had custom built with a developer, and all of it was code. You’d have to open up snippets and play around to change things,” he remembers. So, clearly, it was not the most user-friendly option, nor did it give William a lot of flexibility to iterate on his lead funnels and forms.

That’s when he realized he needed an easier way to build them. Through various Google searches, he came across a number of no-code form software and lead funnel builders. But with so much choice in the market, how do you decide which one is right for you?

In search for the best lead funnel builder

So William set out on a quest of finding the funnel builder that got him the best results. He tested various platforms against each other. “I was looking at so many different tools and I split tested six or eight different types of lead forms. What I did is, I rebuilt my website [which included a lead form] on all those different tools. I built the exact same thing on all of them, and then I ran a Facebook ad with all of these pages as a split test. Then eventually at the end, Heyflow was the one that performed best – same ads, same everything, but Heyflow would get me more leads.”

I was looking for higher conversion rates, and then in my own split testing Heyflow came through as the winner and got me the most leads. I assume one of the main reasons is the speed and incredible loading times.


William Kabrall

Founder & Managing Partner


The lead funnel that was set up with Heyflow had a dramatically higher conversion rate than the other platforms he was testing, and came out as the clear winner. The transition to Heyflow enabled him to increase his lead conversion rate by 150%. William attributes the difference in results to the loading speed: “One thing I've noticed is that compared to a lot of other form builders, Heyflow just loads in between questions way quicker – it’s lightning fast, and I think on mobile, with people who are very impatient,  that's a really big deal.” Other than the higher conversion rate, the Heyflow lead funnel was also more cost-effective than the others, showing its efficiency and cost-saving advantages. As a consequence, William managed to decrease the cost per qualified lead by 57%.

Another aspect William liked about Heyflow is its collaborative nature. He can easily share the tool with others and work on lead forms and funnels together, which is essential for team projects. With his original tool being a self-developed solution, it was not really accessible to non-tech-savvy collaborators. 

Heyflow, in my eyes, is very, very user-friendly compared to most other options out there.


William Kabrall

Founder & Managing Partner


Essential features boosting Book More Showings' lead conversion rate

When trying to optimize a lead funnel, there are some features that are true transformers and can impact lead conversion rates more than others. For William, it’s Heyflow’s auto-complete function in the address input field. “Adding that feature was super important to us, because when somebody wants to sell their house and they go into the form and need to type in their whole address – that’s a lot of work.” 

With the auto-complete feature, on the other hand, William’s prospects only need to start typing their address, then the dropdown immediately shows them all the possible addresses, so that now they only need to select the right one, making it a lot faster for them to submit their information and therefore improving the conversion rate significantly. 

Another key feature for William is the phone number validation. This feature ensures users can proceed to the next step of the form only if they enter a valid phone number, and it has been crucial for Book More Showings in improving lead quality.

Using Heyflow for internal processes & saving time 

But William does not only use Heyflow to generate leads for his clients. He also uses it internally to streamline processes. One of his favorite internal use cases is for appointment setting. Whenever his team of real estate agents calls leads and books an appointment, there’s a lot of information that needs to be processed, sent and saved afterwards. Couldn’t this be done in a way that’s scalable?, he was wondering.

“I just love automating the lead follow-up process,” he explains. His team fills out an internal heyflow, entering details about their lead (e.g., name, appointment time, Zoom details, etc.). Then William uses this information to automate processes, such as sending follow-up emails, booking appointments, and creating Zoom events, by connecting Heyflow to their CRM and other platforms through Zapier. These automations streamline their workflow and save them a significant amount of time, allowing William and his team to focus more on closing deals rather than handling administrative tasks.

Transforming real estate lead generation 

Switching from his self-developed solution to no-code builder Heyflow was a game changer for Book More Showings. Not only did William significantly improve lead conversion rates for his clients eXp Realty, RE/MAX and New Realty, but he could also now easily create lead funnels himself through drag & drop and quickly duplicate them for the next customer. This gave William much more flexibility to customize and iterate on the lead funnels, as well as making his operations more scalable, ultimately enabling him to grow his agency faster, and focus on what they do best: help real estate agents succeed.