A complete guide to all things funnel builder software

Funnel builder software, also known as sales funnel software, opens the door to a world of possibilities. One such possibility is the chance for you as a marketer to leapfrog the competition in your industry.

Like many tools marketers add to their digital arsenal, half the battle occurs at the implementation stage, namely the choosing the right system for their personal needs.

With a funnel builder, you’ll be better equipped to move visitors through the necessary steps ultimately leading to a sale. 

In this guide, we shed light on the most important factors in selecting a funnel builder, including which tool will best fit your specific situation, which types to avoid, what types of features to look for, and more.

What is funnel builder software?

Funnel builder software gives marketers an easy way to craft business-oriented processes using filtered customer/lead analysis. Funnel builder software ultimately galvanizes the optimization process of your pipeline, helping you convert more leads.

Benefits of funnel builder software

A funnel builder software, when implemented correctly, has immense benefits, including:

  • Higher ROI

  • Better overall sales process

  • More leads

  • More sales

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • Increased funnel insights

Let’s dive deeper into some of the more prominent benefits a funnel builder provides.

Segmented leads

A funnel builder also allows for the segmenting of generated leads. When it comes to segmenting leads, funnel building software facilitates the process by allowing marketing teams to build custom widgets like forms, surveys, and calculators.

This filters incoming leads, giving you a better idea of how to connect with them, which boosts conversion rates and raises overall customer satisfaction, better grasping their needs.

Automated and streamlined processes

When you’re able to automate a lot of the processes surrounding lead nurturing and sales funnels, it opens up the possibilities for creativity, which can lead to better content and customer relationships.

Accurate analysis

Funnel builder software, when implemented and executed properly, ensures transparency throughout your pipeline. It gives insights into your leads and their behavior, which allows you to make the best decisions throughout the process.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that companies are looking to add funnel tools to their digital tech stacks. But that’s no easy task.

How to select the right funnel builder software

The ultimate goal of a funnel builder tool is to help you manage a sales funnel efficiently. It should be clear before selecting one that it will offer the right types of tools and processes to help your company scale.

There are a lot of different variables that need to be accounted for when selecting a system, including the following.

Lead management

You’ve done the work to create unique content, informative webinars and white papers, and intriguing blog posts. Now it’s time to make sure the potential customers who download or view them are correctly sorted. 
The funnel builder system you use should manage incoming leads through the process, whether it’s sorting them, prioritizing them, or any other helpful categorization.

Advanced automation

Automation is the name of the game when it comes to funnel builder tools, but you need automation that shoots past simplistic. 

When executed correctly, a funnel builder should enhance the efficiency of your lead processes, starting from the moment a potential customer discovers your service, through the initial contact with sales, up until they officially become a customer.

And with these steps automated, your teams can put as much energy into the things that truly matter.

Tools that bend to your teams’ whims

One of the hardest things to deal with is a tool that forces you to adhere to its limitations. It should be the other way around. A funnel builder should fit your needs and be able to tackle the types of things your type of business will undertake.

When selecting a software, it’s important to consider your specific company traits, such as:

  • How advanced or basic a tool you need. If you foresee needing a lot of room for customization, you might need something more on the advanced side.

  • The budget allotted. Each tool will have unique subscription options that may or may not change the more seats you need.

  • Your company size. The size of your company should dictate the type of software system you need. The smaller it is, the less comprehensive and costly tools should be a better fit.

Mobile capabilities

Lastly, you’ll want to find a system that provides some level of an omnichannel experience. After all, it’s not very practical to leave the office and have no good way to access your funnel software. Be sure there are legitimate options to use it on a mobile device, and also make sure they’re just as effective as the desktop version.

3 funnel builder tools to check out

Here are some funnel builder software systems we recommend, all with their own unique selling points.

1. Heyflow

Heyflow is the funnel builder with more. More customization, more ease-of-use, more powerful automation features, and more overall functionalities. The intuitive drag-and-drop tool gives you the power to create seamless, interactive experiences for your audience without the need for coding.

With Heyflow, you can engage, nurture, and qualify leads along the funnel, e.g. by sending automatic, personalized emails to your audience based on their funnel responses, or sending their
information to your favorite tools and CRMs. Moreover, Heyflow’s comprehensive analytics offer insights at every touchpoint of your funnel, enabling you to refine your strategy and continually optimize your funnel's performance.

2. Wishpond

We like wishpond due to the fact it is the right tool for anyone looking for an easy, right out of the box setup. And that’s not to say that wishpond is a cookie-cutter system. In fact, wishpond has some of the most unique interfaces and templates available. Pricing is on a per-basis account, but wishpond does offer a free trial.

3. Involve.me

Involve.me is for teams with an AI-forward thinking structure. It is heavily invested in creating tools that are backed by artificial intelligence, adding powerful tech that maximizes their data analysis.

Final thoughts

There are so many things that hold companies back from achieving greatness. Monotonous lead generation processes don't have to be one of them.

When you implement a funnel builder to automate these time-consuming steps and processes, you’ll give yourself a chance to achieve the successes you strive for every day.