From bottleneck to breakthrough: How helpcheck mastered marketing efficiency

helpcheck is one of the leading legal tech companies in Germany. As a digital platform for legal claims, its vision is to give every consumer easy, digital and risk-free access to justice. This means those affected by faulty life insurance policies, unlawful employment terminations or gambling losses get invaluable help in making claims or enforcing reimbursements. When online form building became a bottleneck at helpcheck, Heyflow enabled them to unblock their IT team, but also empower their Marketing team to optimize their campaigns on a much more granular level, leading to a surge in conversions.

Navigating complex responsibilities: Lukas Draheim's strategic challenges

Lukas Draheim, Head of Product at helpcheck, has a lot on his plate. Driving the business forward with an outstanding product, setting up solutions for business intelligence, marketing tracking and no-code software, capturing revenue opportunities by converting prospects into leads – to name only some of the responsibilities he faces daily. The last thing he needs is his IT team turning into a bottleneck for the Marketing team where significant budget spend is at risk of going to waste because expensive traffic can’t be optimally converted. 

The quest for agility

Let’s zoom out first. helpcheck’s website traffic is mainly driven by paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Meta or Google and independent blog articles on different legal topics. Once they capture the interest of potential customers, it is crucial to entice these visitors into filling out a form on their website by entering a few details on the potential legal claims they might have. It’s a competitive market and providing a great user experience at this first touchpoint is key. 

Before using Heyflow, helpcheck was capturing traffic through hard-coded lead funnels built by their internal developer team. And it went well for a while. But the problem was, when the Marketing team wanted to optimize these funnels, trying out different wording, creatives or questions, or simply update information, the changes had to go into the dev team’s two week ‘sprints’. It could take up to several weeks for changes to be made.

Most marketers, and especially performance marketers, know that continuously testing materials to optimize for conversions and acting with speed can make the difference between wasting valuable marketing spend or achieving lead generation goals. So naturally, Lukas was on the lookout for a better option that provides flexibility to the Marketing team and unlocks the IT department. 

We were looking for a solution that is flexible and easy-to-use, to empower our Marketing team to create, edit and test our funnels.

Lukas Draheim

Lukas Draheim

Head of Product


The team first tried out other form builders that did provide the necessary flexibility, but these were limited when it came to design capabilities and ease-of-use. So when the team tried Heyflow, they were instantly sold. With Heyflow, helpcheck’s Marketing team can quickly create, edit and optimize interactive flows without taking up web development resources. 

Flows for every channel

helpcheck feeds its flows mainly through paid advertising channels including Meta, Google Ads and native advertising. Lukas Draheim explains that the easy integration of heyflows into their existing marketing structure was unmatched and now helps them to perform quick claim-checks and capture crucial registrations. 

“We are able to integrate our flows straight into our blog articles. We ask users a small number of simple questions that help us to determine whether visitors are likely to have a strong case, and to collect their contact information.” 

Starting off with a simple but impactful interaction with Heyflow minimizes drop-off rates and gives helpcheck the opportunity to retarget users. That way, the first step with prospects is established, before getting them into a more complex internal claim qualification process.

Supercharging helpcheck's martech stack

Heyflow offers a wide range of integrations, which means that helpcheck can connect their heyflows to the right platforms. Next to Heyflow’s native integration with Advanced Hooks to easily connect their flows to the helpcheck API, Lukas’ team implemented a range of advanced tracking features

Now we can get a good understanding of how users are navigating through our flows, and more importantly, where they drop off, which helps us test, optimize and reduce churn.

Lukas Draheim

Lukas Draheim

Head of Product


Meta Pixel for example, as well as server-side tracking with Heyflow’s Meta Conversions API integration, provides them with even better options in Meta for optimizing our campaigns. Also, the native integration with Google Tag Manager proved useful, as it allows helpcheck to fire analytics on different steps.

Simple interactive flows lead to powerful results

Now that helpcheck’s Marketing team can quickly build, deploy and iterate interactive flows, it can test them out to improve the user journey and conversion rates. “We have learned that it’s really important for us to start simple, to make it as easy as possible for users to complete their journey and submit their details.” Heyflow enables the Marketing team at helpcheck to do exactly that. They can now create simple, interactive user experiences and capture valuable leads, which they can then retarget, nurture and subsequently convert more leads into customers. 

Heyflow also empowers helpcheck to AB-test different flow options against each other and choose the better performing variant based on data, instead of relying on intuition. “We tested two flows with a different number of questions. Our hypothesis was that the one with fewer questions would result in better conversion rates, but we found out that the one with more questions actually performed better.” 

A partner for any case

While Heyflow’s functions and fit into their infrastructure was essential for helpcheck, a very appreciated benefit is the customer support they’ve received throughout. Lukas notes: “We had a lot of questions during the setup and Heyflow’s customer support really went the extra mile, sent screenshots and recordings, and explained everything in detail. This helped me and our Marketing team a lot, and we still always get help when we need it.”

Bye bye bottlenecks, hello marketing efficiency

By implementing Heyflow, helpcheck not only found a solution to unblock their IT department and provide more flexibility to their Marketing team, they actually empowered their Marketing team to optimize flows for conversions, identify the best performing flows and capitalize more market share against competitors by converting prospects faster with a better user experience. Ultimately, it helped Lukas to achieve an efficient marketing engine.

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