Interactive landing pages: How to build them, why they’re important, and examples

Everyone tries to stand out in today’s digital climate, differentiating their business, their website, their brand from the pack.

One way to push the envelope and break free from the mundane is through interactive landing pages. Adding interactive elements to a website changes the way visitors see your brand, and gives your company the quality leads it needs to succeed.

This article introduces interactive landing pages, explains why they’re so important, and offers a few examples of brands that implemented them perfectly.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page that is available to users who click onto it through a link within an advertisement, search result, or email. Landing pages are typically used by marketers to generate leads. This is accomplished by asking the visitor to sign up for a webinar, newsletter, or other conversion event.

A landing page is focused on one specific potential user action, such as signing up for a free trial, making a purchase, or viewing/downloading a branded resource.

So what makes an interactive landing page different from a landing page?

What is an interactive landing page?

Interactive landing pages are web pages that have unique, interactive features included. The purpose of these interactive elements is to boost engagement, ultimately encouraging the visitor to complete an action, such as signing up for a newsletter or downloading a webinar.

For example, a landing page could feature an engaging quiz that asks questions and provides a tailored product recommendation to the user based on their answers and behavior.

Other elements an interactive landing page could include are sliders or carousels, for users to select what product they are most interested in and would like to see more information about on the page.

So what makes interactive landing pages such important resources for brands?

Benefits of interactive landing pages

It’s easy to lose people’s attention today, especially when they’re accessing a digital device. The endless distractions ready to pluck their eyes off your landing page can be kicked away by making interesting, unique elements a part of the page.

Interactive landing pages increase conversions, reduce bounce rates, inform users while entertaining them, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits you’ll draw from having successful interactive elements as part of your landing pages.

1. Help your brand stand out

Memorable experiences, even tiny ones that seem inconsequential, can mean the world for a brand. While adding an interactive element to a landing page won’t overhaul your brand entirely, it will help it stand out from the crowd, giving visitors a memorable and fun experience.

Depending on the type, it may also reveal humanizing traits about your brand to potential customers, such as creativity, competency, and more.

For example, a product recommendation quiz could get customers thinking that your brand is both original and thoughtful, because it personalizes the experience for them.

2. Encourage interaction

When a potential customer lands on our page, we want the maximum interaction between them and the page elements. We hope they’re going from section to section, learning about the company, looking at our images and graphs, and consuming the statistics we present.

The more they interact with the landing page, the higher the chance they convert. The more time they spend on the landing page, the higher chance they convert. With this in mind, having interactive elements that keep customers fully engaged is vital.

3. Inform users

There’s a reason that the idea of taking a quiz is so intertwined with school and learning. We’re putting what we know (or don’t know!) into practice, and learning new ideas after it’s done. Interactive landing pages operate on the same principle, allowing a visitor a chance to work through a quiz, play a game, or watch a tailored video, all regarding our brand’s products or services.

Your visitors want to be informed. They want to learn details of your products and services. But that doesn’t mean they’re ready to consume a novel-length of text about it. Craft a meaningful, poignant page that shows the visitor your service is the solution to their problems, and they’ll be much more confident to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.

You’re seeing the many benefits an interactive landing page has to offer, so now you’re ready to up and build one. So how to get started?

How do I build a great interactive landing page?

You’ve decided to incorporate some interactive landing pages onto your website, but you’re not sure what it takes to create them, and more importantly, make them effective.

There are some few prerequisites to take care of before diving in. First, consider how the interactive element will work across different devices. The last thing you want is to drive away potential customers over a non-working page. Next, make sure that the page itself isn’t a massive drag on bandwidth. Your bounce rate will skyrocket if this isn’t in order before launching your page.

With that out of the way, what are the best ways to build great interactive landing pages? Here are the most powerful elements.

What types of features are effective?

Though this will vary from case to case, here are some of the features and interactive elements we’ve found to be most effective.

1. Multi-step forms

Remember when we said that today’s digital visitors are likely to get distracted and bounce off your page? A long, boring, impersonal form-fill can make it become a reality.

That’s why multi-step forms can be an amazing interactive element for a landing page. A multi-step form takes a longer form and separates it into smaller parts, increasing the chances a user will participate.

2. Quizzes

People don’t always know what they want. Sometimes it takes an outside force helping them discover their own needs. This is often the case with interactive, custom quizzes on landing pages. And the more questions a visitor answers, the better you’ll be able to understand their needs in the future.

An effective quiz is intriguing, fun, quick and easy, and most importantly it often results in a new lead.

3. Videos

Personalized, interactive videos can make a visitor feel welcomed, cared for, and give them a good understanding of what a company has to offer.

It’s been proven that video is an easier medium to stay focused while watching over digital text, and allows for quick, exciting, and simple product and service explanations.

Heyflow – the easy solution for interactive landing pages

If you thought that you needed a developer to implement multi-step forms, quizzes, or videos on your landing pages, we have good news for you. With Heyflow, you can easily add all of the elements mentioned above – and many more. 

Heyflow is a no-code platform allowing you to create interactive landing pages and flows easily through drag and drop. With its endless design flexibility and extensive customization options, you can build just the page you want, and create seamless, interactive experiences for your audience without the need for coding. Embed images and videos, or add multiple choice questions, icons, rating scales, range sliders, date selection blocks, and much more. Creating an interactive landing page has never been easier. 

With that, let’s check out some interactive landing pages that work extremely well.

Examples of incredible interactive landing pages

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is an online marketplace that brings together hopeful rentees with renters. For those wishing to use Airbnb to rent out their place, the process is simplified due to an interactive element on the site.

As you can see, the calculator Airbnb added to their landing page lets visitors input their location, bedroom count, and in doing so, returns an immediate estimated appraisal of how much they could earn if they were to list their property on Airbnb.

Notice how intriguing this is, and the best part of all, the whole thing is very noncommittal. You don’t have to unload your entirety of personal data to participate.

2. Hum Nutrition

Hum Nutrition offers a beautiful, engaging quiz on their website that collects information from users about their nutrition habits. Based on the answers, users receive personalized recommendations for vitamins and supplements.

Notice how Hum Nutrition has made the quiz visually appealing by incorporating colorful icons and images into their answer options, thus preventing the experience of answering the 13 questions from becoming monotonous.

3. Sendible

For all the influencers out there, sometimes they need a little help with their…influencing. Sendible helps them push their brands and get eyes on their profile pages.

One impressive element of Sendible is their chatbot, which allows visitors to quickly and easily get to what they’re looking for without having to talk to a real human. The bot is fast, fun, and accurate, ensuring future customers that Sendible will be technologically apt for all challenges.

Wrapping it all up

Standing out is hard to do when everyone is copying each other. As the world of websites shifts to a more interactive experience, you’ll need to look for new ways to be different. Consider using interactive elements that are not only brand-relevant, but also have a novel feel and give your visitors a unique experience.

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