How a legal tech company stays on top of a fast-paced market with Heyflow

RightNow is one of Europe’s most successful legal tech companies, helping consumers understand their rights and make compensation claims against large corporations.

In order to review a case as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is essential for RightNow to collect both the details of their website visitors' potential legal claims and their contact information. After that, those leads enter an automated workflow where additional documents are requested in order for RightNow to further qualify and progress their claim.

We spoke to Head of Growth Paula Foitzik about how Heyflow enables them to connect with consumers who need their help to get justice.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities in the market, and to capitalize on those opportunities we need to be fast. Heyflow allows us to do that.

Paula Foitzik

Paula Foitzik

Head of Growth


Customized flows for any legal claim

RightNow currently focuses on helping consumers make claims against large corporations like energy providers, airlines, health insurers, online gambling sites, and subscription providers. However, the market is constantly evolving, and it’s important that they have the necessary tools in place to react quickly to emerging use cases and capture those consumers with new customized flows on their website.

Paula explained that before using Heyflow, RightNow’s web development resources didn’t allow them to create interactive flows in the right time frame. The legal areas they cover are constantly growing and they’re always looking to expand. However, this requires the continuous development of new forms and processes, which has been a challenge in the past due to their resource limitations.

To cover new legal areas and respond to events in the market, you have to be fast. Before we discovered Heyflow, we really struggled to build elegant, easy-to-understand, yet complex flows. We tried some simple form builders and while they were easy to use, they were also very limited in terms of functionality and design flexibility. We want to provide an interactive experience to our users and for our brand identity to be consistent, but this simply wasn’t possible for us, as we don’t have a lot of developers or tech experience in our team.”

Once they found Heyflow, Paula’s team was immediately wowed by the design options, ease-of-use and the support they received by the customer success team.

“With Heyflow, people in my team without development experience can easily create interactive flows using the drag and drop interface. Now, we can build exactly what we want in very little time. We are able to combine questions and provide additional information for users where they need it, like explaining our internal process and next steps. Being able to copy and paste elements from one flow to another is an essential time saver, and it is very comforting that Heyflow’s team goes above and beyond to support us in the implementation and with best practices to ensure our flows are successful.”

Making conversion rate optimization an open-and-shut case

Unlike simpler static form builders, Heyflow enables RightNow to build flows that respond to the answers that users provide. This means leads can be pre-qualified before entering the lead pool and ensure that subsequent workflows only ask questions and give information relevant to their claim.

What’s more, it opened up new opportunities with regards to conversion rate optimization. Paula was convinced by the analytical capabilities of the solution, as her team is now able to see where exactly users drop out of the flows.

“We use this information to test variations and make changes that ensure as many people as possible complete the journey and enter our lead pool.”

She explains that for example the use of progress bars increased the likelihood of users getting all the way to the end. “It means that they get some idea of how far along in the journey they are, and how long it will likely take to complete. We’ve also found that when it comes to the questions we ask, the shorter they are, and the simpler they are to answer, the better.”

Being able to see how users react has helped us to make our marketing activities much more effective, as we are able to convert more of our traffic.

Paula Foitzik

Paula Foitzik

Head of Growth


Judging success based on data

With the possibility to integrate their flows with tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and the Meta Conversions API, RightNow gains valuable insight on the user journey, enabling them to make judgments regarding the performance of their activities within the app. But what specifically sets the tool apart for Paula, is that they are able to feed the collected data into any other tool they use without requiring technical knowledge to make it happen.“

The native integration with Zapier allows us to feed information collected through our flows to our CRM, where we manage and progress users’ claims.” This is an essential part of making the review process as efficient as possible, allowing RightNow to provide a smooth user experience to their customers while staying nimble enough to react quickly to new emerging use cases on the market.

The verdict is in

When Paula first sought a tool to streamline RightNow's form creation process, her initial goal was to speed up user data capture on their website without being reliant on their web development team. However, with Heyflow, she found much more than that.

Beyond offering a platform for rapidly building interactive flows, Heyflow provided Paula with a solution that creates customized user experiences perfectly aligned with RightNow’s brand identity. This not only helped RightNow improve their lead quality and conversion rates, but also, thanks to Heyflow’s user-friendliness, led to significant time savings both in the building process and staff training.

Ultimately, it freed up valuable resources and empowered RightNow to respond quickly to market changes.

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