Streamline your recruitment process

The recruitment process is a challenge for small and large businesses alike. Finding the right talent can prove to be time consuming and expensive at times. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to improve, automate, and thereby streamline your hiring process. Nowadays, technology is bound to play a larger role, as with the rest of our lives, in the hiring processes.

Using tools like Heyflow can serve to make your recruitment process more efficient and scalable without having to write a single line of code. You can easily customize any of our premium templates with Heyflow's code-free design tools. Due to highly competitive conditions in hiring today, top candidates are not easy to entice. Attracting these individuals might mean going above and beyond to engage with your target talent who could be considering other options or even working at another company. Let’s go through Heyflow’s recruitment application form to get a better idea of how interactive flows can reduce headaches when it comes to recruiting great talent.

Before we begin

One of the best ways of filtering through and attracting the best-fit candidates right from the start is a clear and concise job description. This way applicants get a good idea of what the position entails and hopefully take the time to read it in its entirety. In Heyflow’s growth internship description, ‘what you’ll do’ and ‘what you’ll bring’ are prominently outlined, leaving little room for guesswork.

Data due diligence

It’s important to shorten the time-to-hire as much as possible to reduce the risk of losing fast-moving, highly sought-after candidates. Streamline the collection of applicant information with Heyflow’s advanced input field block and employ features like required, pattern validation, error handling, auto suggest, prefix, and suffix.

With conditional logic, you can ask the right questions for different roles, while still making sure to collect everyone’s contact information.

Nothing is worse than when applicants are forced to rewrite or make significant changes to their CVs because they couldn't be inputted correctly. In terms of CV uploading, Heyflow’s file upload block securely collects any type of file from your respondents. This includes 2GB data storage per flow.

After all the needed information has been gathered, integrate your job application form with tools you already use like Google Sheets and Slack to get organized responses quickly. You can even pass files to Zapier & co. for further automation.

Keeping an eye on compliance

Since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented in 2018, hiring EU candidates has become a bit more involved. Job applicants provide a lot of sensitive personal information that necessitates a certain level of trust that your company will keep this data secure. Heyflow’s GDPR compliance features include the ability to flag personal information as sensitive to avoid them being stored on Heyflow’s servers.

Candidate experience & engagement

Few people want to be part of a company that doesn’t seem to care about their recruiting process. Many of the best candidates are considering multiple opportunities. This is why long, confusing application forms that ask candidates redundant questions will only deter job seekers. Additionally, almost everyone uses their smartphones for everything. This includes looking for a job, which is why making applications mobile-friendly is a great tactic to appeal to larger audiences.

Hand in hand with candidate experience, build an employer brand that makes great candidates pursue your company, rather than vice versa. You’re free to adjust fonts and colors of the template to match your guidelines. This will help underline the company’s branding, identity and values. Customize personalized copy to make sure your candidates are still excited when they hit the submit button. It’s always a good rule of thumb to be as personal as possible. Personalize with dynamic content - say "Hello, @firstname!" Pass information you have from respondents to personalize the user experience. You can even embed your job application form into your website, so potential applicants can easily locate it. In the same vein that effective product branding attracts customers, an employer brand can engage the right talent.


It’s important to retain promising candidates along the whole application journey. You don’t want people to drop off half way through due to a clunky and redundant application form. Online recruitment has the potential to increase the candidate’s experience and perception of your company, as well as being a cost-effective time-saver for you.