Data security and privacy

Enterprise-grade data security to have nothing stand between you and more conversions.
Heyflow mobile screenshot - cookie consent
Heyflow mobile screenshot - cookie consent

Servers in the EU

Heyflow is made in Germany and our data centers are exclusively located in the EU. We are trusted by thousands of marketing and product teams in more than 60 countries already, and rightly so: to fully comply with the regulations of the European Union, like GDPR, we take all necessary measures, such as yearly penetration tests and being ISO 27001 certified. Anything to keep your data safe.

ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 is the international standard that certifies the information security management system of a company. Heyflow has been ISO 27001 certified since November 2022. Hereby, we take a further step towards ensuring a sustainable and conscious approach to IT security and data protection.

Custom cookie consent banner

Create your own cookie consent banner in minutes, and customize it to your needs — all without leaving Heyflow. Save time, and save costs that you‘d otherwise spend on cookie consent management tools. Cookie consent collection made easy.

Heyflow screenshot - cookie consent preferences

Sensitive tag & Auto mass deletion

With the Sensitive Tag, Heyflow is going the extra mile when it comes to GDPR-friendly data collection. It’s a simple toggle that allows you to decide which data you don’t want to have stored on Heyflow’s servers. To make it even easier for you to comply with GDPR regulations, we have introduced a new toggle in the flow settings. This feature enables automated mass deletion of all user data after a specified period of time, ensuring hassle-free management of user information.

Heyflow screenshot - tag options

Heyflow’s customized service is priceless — even our most specific technical and legal needs were met.

Sascha Arndt

Sascha Arndt

Head of Display & Affiliate


Data export & backups

Export flow responses as an Excel or CSV file easily. Manage the published versions of a flow and select which one should be live. Made a mistake? No worries. Backups give you the possibility to go back to older published versions of your flow whenever you need to.

Heyflow screenshot - export list

Matomo integration

Matomo is a GDPR-compliant Google Analytics alternative that is especially popular with EU-based Heyflow customers. Connect your heyflow to Matomo to track visits to your flow and get detailed insights into user behavior.

Heyflow screenshot - Matomo integration

Auto-delete responses

On demand, instead of having to manually delete users' responses, with our Auto-delete responses feature, all responses from the flow will be deleted automatically after 6 months. This saves you manual work and provides enhanced data security especially when collecting personal data such as applicant information.

Legal document review

We care about our customers, and try to help them any way we can. That’s why we offer help with legal documents, such as T&C’s and DPAs. We assign you a dedicated contact person to review your legal docs and Heyflow’s information security together with you, and help you with any questions, so that nothing stands in your way to success.

With Heyflow, we don’t have to worry about data security and privacy, because we know our customers’ data is handled with the highest level of security standards.

Lukas Pieczonka

Lukas Pieczonka

Founder & Managing Director


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