Integrate, analyze, optimize

Connect Heyflow with all your favorite tools to save time and costs, and gain analytical insights to increase conversion rates more rapidly.
Heyflow mobile screenshot - Heyleads
Heyflow mobile screenshot - Heyleads

Native integrations with Google Sheets, Airtable & Slack

Send your flow responses straight into Google Sheets and Airtable to conveniently manage your collected data there. Set up the actions you want by matching Heyflow questions with Airtable fields. Follow up on leads, get new signups, and much more. Connect your flow with Slack to receive instant notifications whenever you receive a response, and take action faster.

Heyflow screenshots - integrations

Native CRM Integrations

Integrate Heyflow with your favorite CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot and Pipedrive, and map fields from your flow with your CRM’s properties. Automatically create or update contacts or deals whenever someone fills out your heyflow. Follow up on new leads quickly and manage your sales pipeline more efficiently.

Heyflow screenshot - CRM integrations

Marketing campaign integrations

Send Heyflow conversion events to Meta, Google, LinkedIn, and TikTok to track them there, build audiences, and to use them for your campaign optimization. Connect your heyflow with the Meta Conversions API for more accurate tracking. This way you can send the events server-to-server through an API and track your users’ behavior more reliably.

Heyflow screenshot - Meta Conversions API integration

For us, the tracking and analytics capabilities are extremely important. With Heyflow, we can get the insights we need to optimize our lead gen campaigns.

Tim Heicks

Tim Heicks

Brand CMO


Built-in analytics tab

Get valuable insights on your respondents’ behavior through the built-in analytics tab. Learn in which parts of your flow they drop off. Analyze your visitors by device, or the conversion rate development over time. Use the daytime heat maps to understand at what times your respondents interact with your flow. All the data you need to optimize your flow effectively inside of Heyflow — no additional setup or integration needed!

Heyflow screenshot - analytics

Native integrations with Google Analytics and Matomo

Obtain even more detailed insights and understand your customer journey better by integrating Heyflow with Google Analytics 4 or Matomo. Track visitor behavior and demographics, event and action data from your flow such as button clicks, input changes, submits, and more.

Heyflow screenshot - tracking

Google Tag Manager integration

Connect your heyflow with Google Tag Manager through our native integration and manage all your tags without editing code. Track conversions, run site analytics, optimize your remarketing, and more.

UTM Parameters

Pass UTM parameters to your heyflow and improve your marketing reporting by tracking and identifying your users more easily, and understand where they are coming from.

Heyflow is a great tool for product builders and marketers alike, whether it’s for early-testing or market validation. It’s quick to implement, easy to use, and offers a high degree of customization, which helps generate learnings fast.

Nick Mulder

Nick Mulder

Founder & CEO


Zapier & Make integrations

Use our Zapier or Make integration and automate the data flow between your heyflow and thousands of other apps — without the need to code.

Heyflow icon connected with Zapier and Make icons

A/B Testing

Run A/B tests effortlessly with our built-in testing feature and discover the optimal flow structure, layout, and content — all conveniently within Heyflow. Get quick results without the need for prior A/B testing experience or coding skills.

Heyflow screenshot - A/B testing

Automated response emails

Send automated follow-up emails to respondents after they engaged with your heyflow, and save budget you’d otherwise spend on external automation tools. Customize the content and branding of your response emails for a more personalized experience. You can even send them from your own server and your own email address as the sender. You can also set up automated emails to yourself to get notified every time someone responds to your flow. React faster to stop those leads, customers or candidates from going cold!

Heyflow screenshot - thank you email

Stripe payments

Let your flow visitors complete purchases directly from your heyflow with the Stripe Checkout block! Integrate payments and transactions with ease, making the entire process secure, convenient, and hassle-free for your flow visitors.

Heyflow's Stripe payment block showing a successful payment

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