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Heyflow mobile screenshot - Heytips
Heyflow mobile screenshot - Heytips

Conditional Logic

With Conditional Logic, you can make your flow smarter by letting it react dynamically to your users’ answers. Set up individual paths based on their responses, and personalize each flow experience. If a question is irrelevant to a user, they can skip it. For others, you can delve into more depth by showing them additional screens tailored specifically to them. A smart and personalized flow demonstrates your genuine commitment to providing the best possible user experience for your respondents, resulting in higher conversion rates and more leads for your business.

Heyflow screenshot - conditional logic

Dynamic Content

"Hello, @firstname!" Use Dynamic Content to insert the respondent’s name, job function, property type, or any other information they have provided in the flow. Alternatively, dynamically pass content from your ad campaigns to your flow. Elevating the level of personalization leads to higher conversion rates for you.

Heyflow screenshot - thank you screen


Add calculations to your flow to assign lead scores to your leads, or to tailor your sales process to each prospect. Whether you need custom offers or ROI calculators, create anything that delivers genuine value to your users. The Calculator presents an excellent opportunity to offer your prospects a helpful tool, fostering increased trust in your brand — a proven method to boost conversion and lead rates.

Heyflow screenshot - calculations

You used to need developers to provide this level of customer interaction. Not anymore!

Alessandro Audretsch

Alessandro Audretsch

Growth Manager

BCG Digital Ventures

More action types

There’s a large variety of actions you can make your respondents take within your flow. Redirect them to a different website after they submit their response to your flow. Schedule meetings by embedding your Calendly in your flow, or collect signatures from your respondents easily, without them having to leave your flow. A frictionless experience means a higher completion rate.

Heyflow screenshot - actions


All heyflows are optimized for mobile and are 100% responsive. Every flow works on every screen size by default — forget complicated breakpoints and media queries. Each block can even be independently optimized based on the end user's device.

Heyflow screenshots - desktop and mobile version

Page speed > 90

All heyflows are built to load lightning-fast, so you can offer your users the best experience. Even opening them from outdated devices or with an unstable internet connection is not an issue. Watch them load in no-time and continue generating conversions from your flow respondents no matter where they are.

PageSpeed Insights screenshot - score 94

Since we started using Heyflow, online appointment booking has quadrupled on average across all 2,000 agencies.

Dr. Daniel Thiefes

Dr. Daniel Thiefes

Director Sales

LVM Versicherung

File upload

Whether it’s pictures, documents, or something else — collect any type of file from your respondents securely. Heyflow’s high-capacity user upload function allows uploads of up to 2 GB, so that you can collect the media you need in a snap.

Heyflow screenshot - file upload

Drag & Drop

Heyflow makes it easy for anyone to build an interactive, personalized flow. You don’t need any coding skills. Just choose from a variety of building blocks, and add them to your flow through the drag & drop builder. If you start from one of our ready-to-use templates, you can launch your flow even faster.

Heyflow screenshot - drag'n'drop editor

Phone number network validation

Say goodbye to low-quality leads using fake phone numbers. With network validation, flow visitors will only be able to proceed once a valid phone number is entered. This ensures more reliable data and significantly improves lead quality.

Heyflow's phone number validation feature, giving an error message to an incorrect number

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