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Heyflow mobile screenshot - role question
Heyflow mobile screenshot - role question

Agency Portal

The Agency Portal is a white-label customer relationship management system, or applicant tracking system, designed for Heyflow’s agency customers. Invite your clients to your agency portal to enable them to view, edit and manage flow responses that you have collected on their behalf. With the Agency Portal, you can offer a fully customized solution, while at the same time meeting even the highest data security standards (e.g. GDPR). No more collecting sensitive data in spreadsheets.

Custom branding & domain hosting

Make the Agency Portal your own by matching it to your agency’s design, and adapt colors, fonts, logos, and more. This way, not only the portal itself but also all the communications you send out are in line with your agency’s brand. You can even host your portal on your own domain.

Heyflow screenshot - branding

Unlimited campaigns per client

Heyflow’s Agency Portal allows you to collect responses from multiple flows within the same portal, but in different tabs. This is the perfect setup if you run several lead gen or recruiting campaigns for the same client, because it helps you keep the overview. Receive all the collected data in one place, but nicely separated so you know which lead or candidate came in through which campaign. Run as many campaigns for your client as you want — we got you.

Heyflow screenshot - campaigns

Since we started using Heyflow for our clients’ lead gen campaigns, we’ve seen a significant improvement both in terms of lead volume and quality. This led to a considerably higher investment in the projects from those clients.

Niall Donohoe

Niall Donohoe

Founder & Managing Director


Easy user management

Add new users or remove existing ones from your Agency Portal easily. Assign and edit the level of access (admin, editor, and viewer) for every new and existing user to ensure that both clients and employees have the appropriate access type.

Heyflow screenshot - user management

Custom deal stages

As an agency, you know better than anyone that every client is as unique as a fingerprint, and so are their recruiting and sales processes. That’s why Heyflow made the number and naming of the deal stages customizable for each agency portal. No matter if your client has a recruiting process consisting of 4 stages, or a 10-stage sales cycle — enable them to close business their way.

Heyflow screenshot - custom stages

Collaborator accounts

Want to invite other people to collaborate on your flows together? No problem. Invite team members or clients easily so they can co-create, edit and design heyflows together with you. Collaboration made easy.

Automatic contact updates

The Agency Portal allows you to insert new contacts, and update the entry if the contact already exists. This way your leads’ new responses are automatically updated. No more duplicates in your portal!

Heyflow has integrations with all important tools — that saved me a lot of time. I can just send my Heyflow data wherever I need it.

Viet Pham Tuan

Viet Pham Tuan

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Social Natives

Automated response replies

Send automated follow-up emails to respondents after they engaged with your heyflow, and save budget you’d otherwise spend on external automation tools. Customize the content and branding of your response emails for a more personalized experience. You can even send them from your own server and your own email address as the sender. You can also set up automated emails to yourself to get notified every time someone responds to your flow. React faster to stop those leads, customers or candidates from going cold.

Heyflow screenshot - automatic email reply

Multi-account integrations

As an agency, you likely have multiple accounts on various platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Recruitee, and more. With Heyflow, you can now connect to as many accounts as you want for each integration, providing you with greater flexibility and seamless management of your numerous client accounts.

Heyflow screenshot - CRM integrations

For us, the tracking and analytics capabilities are extremely important. With Heyflow, we can get the insights we need to optimize our lead gen campaigns.

Tim Heicks

Tim Heicks

Brand CMO


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