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Engineering Manager (m/f/d)

Hamburg / Remote



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Your mission

2024 is a revolutionary year for Heyflow: Up until now, we managed to build and sustain our app with only two Product teams. Now, with $16M in Series A in our pockets, we want to extend the Product teams to six by the end of the year in order to improve the quality of features and create use cases that Marketers all around the world are in need of.

  • Lead and Inspire: You will guide and mentor two diverse teams of engineers, fostering their professional growth and ensuring high levels of motivation and engagement.

  • Performance Management: Your mission is to conduct thorough performance reviews, set clear and achievable goals, and provide constructive feedback to enhance team members' development.

  • Foster Collaboration: Heyflow’s success is a team effort! Promote a collaborative environment, facilitating seamless communication and alignment with cross-functional teams to meet project goals and timelines.

  • Drive Process Improvement: By continuously evaluating and enhancing engineering processes and practices, you maximize team efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Provide Technical Oversight: In sync with Principal Engineers, you offer technical guidance and support, helping the team navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions to advance projects.

  • Stakeholder Management: Engaging with key stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations is another key mission to ensure alignment and successful project outcomes.

  • Strategic Planning: Lastly, you will be contributing to the strategic planning of engineering initiatives, aligning team efforts with the company's overall goals and vision.

Your profile

  • Extensive Experience: You bring a minimum of 5 years in engineering management roles, with proven success in scaling up growing teams.

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills: Your communication skills are exceptional as well as your relationship-building abilities, with a focus on motivating and developing team members. In order to combine team and business interests, you will need a strong solution-oriented approach and won’t shy away from tough decisions.

  • Leadership Excellence: Demonstrate your leadership skills with a history of managing diverse and high-performing engineering teams.

  • Technical Expertise: Robust technical background with experience in software development in the JavaScript stack, architecture, and industry best practices.

  • Analytical Mindset: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, capable of strategic thinking and making data-driven decisions.

Benefits tailored just for you

Just like fingerprints, each of us is one-of-a-kind, and that's why we believe in catering to your individual needs. We go beyond the basics, offering a generous 30 vacation days per year, flexible remote work options, fully equipped, beautiful offices, and a lucrative referral program. But that's just the beginning! Dive into the details below to learn more about the additional perks that our team absolutely loves:

Benefits icon Pick your own benefits
At Heyflow, you can select your own benefits. We’ve partnered up with 12 services and providers for you to choose from. Public transportation, vacation and lunch bonuses? No problem. Gym membership, daycare and a bikeleasing subscription? We’ve got you covered. You pick, we take care, you enjoy. For our employees outside of Germany, we offer a flexible selection of benefits too. You can use your bonus e.g. for private health insurance, home office equipment, or co-working spaces.
Offsites icon 4 offsites per year
We love getting together and celebrating our success. Because even though working remotely has its benefits, we definitely miss the personal interactions with each other. So, how about a team event with escape rooms and nice dinners? Or a boat trip plus drinks at a beach bar? At Heyflow, you’ll enjoy two big events per year where the entire company comes together and two in-person offsites with your team, because we care about those valuable face-to-face moments.
Hardware icon Hardware & software
State-of-the-art hardware and software enable us to deliver peak performance. Whether you select a MacBook Pro or Lenovo, a trackpad or a mouse, a monitor screen or a laptop stand: we make sure your setup suits your needs, allowing you to work effectively and excel in whatever you do.
Feedback icon 360 degree feedback
At Heyflow, we value open communication and honest feedback. That’s why we have regular 360-degree feedback periods, where every Heyflower has the opportunity to receive valuable input from their peers, stakeholders and managers. These feedback sessions are a great basis for anyone to develop, improve their skills and work on their career path.
Career Development Icon Career development
When it comes to your career and development plans, Heyflow wants to support you in the best way possible. That’s why we offer our employees the possibility to attend courses, trainings, professional events or obtain certificates related to their field.
Goodies icon Sustainable goodies
In a remote work setup, it’s not always easy to feel connected to the brand, product, and culture. That's why we make sure everyone gets a cool onboarding goodie bag with Heyflow swag when they join. It's fun, useful stuff you can wear, use at home, or take outside. And the cherry on top? Our swag is sustainably produced because we care about the environment.

Ready to join the team?

At Heyflow, we believe in a collaborative culture where every single one contributes their part to making Heyflow the best place to work at. We celebrate our differences and diversity while all moving towards one common goal. It’s the people and their energy that shape Heyflow’s unique culture. We’re all fueled by the intrinsic motivation to improve both the product and the business, and we don’t forget to have fun along the way.

Collage of Heyflow team having fun