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You want to help your clients grow, and run the best-performing campaigns for them. So do we. With Heyflow, agencies manage to generate more leads for their clients, scale their business with ease, and generate new revenue streams.
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Four reasons

why leading agencies choose Heyflow

Match any brand

Adapt fonts, logos, and so much more. Our flows are fully customizable, so you can differentiate your agency clearly and match the flow design perfectly to your clients’ brands. You can even connect your flows to your clients’ domains.

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Scale smart, grow fast

Build world-class flows that convert in a few clicks. Connect your flow to analytics services to optimize campaigns and watch the leads roll in. Ready to repeat the success for the next client? Hit duplicate, edit the design and launch. Scaling your agency has never been that easy.

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Automation of lead gen processes

Send out personalized emails in your clients’ name and with their logo from within Heyflow. Set up automated processes with 20+ native integrations to do lead follow-ups, lead nurturing, and more with ease.

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New revenue streams & client lock-in

Amplify your agency services and generate new revenue streams with our Agency Portal: a white-label CRM system that you can present as your own and your clients can use to manage their leads. Your secret sauce to set yourself apart from your competitors!

Heyflow screenshot - portal settings

Since we started using Heyflow for our clients’ lead gen campaigns, we’ve seen a significant improvement both in terms of lead volume and quality. This led to a considerably higher investment in the projects from those clients.

Niall Donohoe

Niall Donohoe

Founder & Managing Director


Agency Portal: Your white-label CRM

The Agency Portal is a white-label customer relationship management system designed for you to invite your clients and enable them to view, edit and manage flow responses that you have collected on their behalf. It’s an effective way to offer your clients more added value, while at the same time locking them in with a differentiated offer.

With Heyflow's Agency Portal and its high degree of design flexibility we managed to differentiate ourselves clearly from the competition — leading to a significant increase in revenue.

Viet Pham Tuan

Viet Pham Tuan

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Integrations to improve your lead gen

Heyflow has native integrations with all the important marketing, tracking and CRM tools, so you can automate all the processes around your clients’ lead gen campaigns with ease.

Flexible domain management

Custom domains

Connect your flows to your client’s domain to reflect their brand. Or, just connect them to your own domain. We even support you with your HTTPS/SSL certificate. Heyflow offers you full flexibility when it comes to domains, so you can customize not only the design, but every aspect of your flow.

Dynamic domain

Instead of having one domain per flow, you can make all your heyflows available on one single domain, with our Dynamic Domain feature. It allows you to easily connect all your flows on directory-level at scale, so you can manage your lead gen campaigns more effectively.

Keeping your clients' data safe

We take the protection of your customers’ data seriously, because what is important to you, is important to us. That’s why we take all necessary measures to fully comply even with the highest regulations: yearly penetration tests, 100% GDPR-compliance, being ISO 27001 certified, and servers located exclusively in the EU.

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