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B2B lead generation has never been that easy

Lead gen flows built with Heyflow help you convert more of your visitors into leads

Static forms are harming your conversion rate

Your landing pages need to match the quality of your ads.

The slow loading times, frustrating user experience and lack of interaction associated with standard forms are hurting your conversion rates.

What you should do instead:

  • 1
    Send traffic to an interactive lead gen flow that feels more like a conversation and matches your brand identity.
  • 2
    Engage, nurture, and qualify leads with Heyflow's extensive features.
  • 3
    Automatically reply to respondents and send their information to your favorite tools and CRMs.
  • With Heyflow, B2B companies reduce their cost per lead by an average of 54%.

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    Creating your B2B lead generation flow

    Get a headstart with pre-designed templates

    Heyflow’s templates are designed and optimized to maximize your conversions, so they’re a great way to get started. Match them with your brand identity, and fine-tune them effortlessly using our intuitive drag-and-drop builder – no coding expertise needed. Your journey to more leads begins here.


    Streamlined lead management through powerful integrations

    Send your leads to their destinations with Heyflow's built-in integrations, connecting seamlessly with leading CRMs such as HubSpot and Pipedrive. Enhance your campaigns' performance with Heyflow's marketing integrations, including the Meta Conversions API, Google Tag Manager, and many others.


    Optimize your pipeline and stay focused on high-quality leads

    Gain valuable insights into user behavior through the Heyflow analytics dashboard, empowering you to adjust your flows for optimal performance. Advanced filters help you identify the best quality leads with just a few clicks.


    Ensure GDPR compliance effortlessly with Heyflow

    With servers located exclusively in the European Union, Heyflow makes it easy to remain GDPR-compliant. Delete your users’ information from our servers automatically with the Sensitive Tag, and customize your own cookie consent banner in minutes.

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    Get a glimpse of what is possible with Heyflow

    Lead generation with gated content

    Attract your target audience with an exclusive offer and expand your contact list.

    Flows for appointments of all kinds

    Start scheduling more demos, webinars and sales calls today.

    Businesses using Heyflow generate more quality leads

    “Since we started using Heyflow, generating leads on social media has finally worked out for us.”

    Malte Scholz, Managing Director

    Six reasons why

    Heyflow is the perfect solution to supercharge your lead gen campaigns


    Dynamic response emails can automatically deliver personalized content to your potential leads.


    Conditional logic empowers you to efficiently pre-qualify your leads.


    Heyflow not only allows you to create interactive lead forms but also build entire landing pages.


    PageSpeed scores of 90+ ensure your leads and website visitors enjoy an outstanding user experience.


    Receive personalized flow reviews and technical support from our team of Heyflow experts.


    Heyflow is a no-code solution, but supports CSS and Javascript if you want to implement your custom code.

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